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Fall is quickly fading and with school, work, staying involved on campus and maintaining a social life, there’s a lot of festivities in the Denton area that we’ve been overlooking. I don’t know about you, but fall is one of my favorite times of the year solely for all of the fun activities there are to go and do. Yet, I always seem to run across a picture or a status and realize that I had once again missed another fall-filled event happening in the area. If only there was a website that ensured I knew exactly all of the details, such as when, where and what time, of every event that went on in Denton… Oh look. Introducing the convenient, easy-to-use Discover Denton website that takes the struggle of finding local events, things to do, places to eat, even finding how to get to Denton, a thing of the past.

This website, also accompanied by their Facebook page and the new informational building on the square, makes living in Denton seem surprisingly exciting. From block parties and open mic nights, to community yoga and game nights, there is a lot to offer on this calendar. Not only do they have months-in-advance dates, but also many, many other features such as where to bring a group of friends, wedding ideas and connections in Denton, where you can hold meetings, and even a link to purchase your very own Denton merchandise.

It’s easy to look at other booming cities such as Dallas, Fort Worth or Austin and say “wow, look how many fun things there are to do there” such as concerts, restaurants and festivals, but truly there are a lot of ways to go out and, dare I say, discover Denton. I mean, what other city has ghost tours in their square? OK, maybe Austin, but you get the point. This website is the perfect go-to for planning ahead, getting off of campus, grabbing a group of your friends and doing something fun in your community. Again, there are so many exciting, different things to go out and do, and Discover Denton makes them ridiculously easy to find.