As a Youtube blogger it’s important to constantly be marketing your channel’s content! By marketing your Youtube channel, you introduce more people to your brand, and gain more viewers & subscribers. However, there are five mistakes Youtube bloggers make when marketing their content on social media. Not only are these tips helpful for Youtube bloggers, but can be applied to anyone with a strong fan base via social media.

The first mistake is sharing the same social media post on every page! It’s important to have slightly different content on each social media outlet. Offering unique content on each social media platform will allow for a bigger audience. The second mistake Youtube bloggers make is not interacting with their audience regularly! There are many different opportunities for interaction on Youtube. It’s important to reply to comments on your videos, retweet your supporters, and do anything possible to make it seem like you’re more relatable. The third mistake Youtube bloggers make is sharing too many links! Your viewers will become incredibly annoyed if all you do is post links to promote your videos. It’s important to share different content whether it be a link to an interesting blog post, a survey on possible videos to record, or a picture. However, it’s important to post content related to your target audience. The fourth mistake bloggers make is being inconsistent! It’s imperative to have an active social presence and to have regular uploads. If you are static on social media, make sure you give your supporters a reason. Be clear on what your viewers can expect from you. It’s also important not to have too many social media outlets. Start off with a couple of social media sites, and stay active on them! Consistency is the only way to have long term growth on social media. The last and final mistake bloggers make is not having a social media goal! Setting goals are the best way to measure your progress on social media. Having a solid social media plan beforehand, will allow you to achieve so much more!

Megan Jefferson