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On this blog I would like to talk about the benefits of companies the use social media to market. The number one reason would have to be to “increase brand recognition.” This is especially important for new companies. There really is no hope for a new company to get off the ground without have some sort of social media presence. Unless all they want to be is a Ma’ and Pa’ shop. But to get your brand spread across the state and country and eventually world wide a social media presence is vital.

Another reason for a company to have a social media presence is because it allows for “more opportunities to convert.” If all a companies marketing was by word of mouth then it would take forever for their brand to expand. Even though word of mouth is one of the most effective in conversion, it isn’t the best for reaching the most amount of people possible. Social media allows for companies to reach the masses and help people to be able to identify them or get their message. Social media also allows for customers to interact with the companies they like. Social media for companies allow for customers to see whats working and adjust what isn’t by receiving instant feedback from their customers. If a customer complains on a companies account it allows them to address the issue and hopefully prevent that customer from taking all their business away. It allows companies to turn an upset customer into a happy and loyal customer if the company is able to correct what is wrong and make things right and then some. Overall social media can be one of the greatest assets to a company if used right and used to market and care for their customers that drive their business.

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere