• Who would of known

Didn’t anyone in america would of expect thelas Cowboys to be one of the best NFL teams to be talking about. Excetcly this far in the season how are they doing this. Can the hot fireing cowboys stay on fire or will they fold like most people think and expect for them to do. The main question of the day is who would have taught the cowboys would have one of the best recorders and the NFL without there BIG troll threat QB “Tommy Romo.”

  • Zack

Wow I would have never taught prescott would be doing what he is doing right now in the task that he has step up for Dallas some says he better than Romo while others disagrees.

  • Cowboys don’t have QB time bomb There’s nothing Fragile

The Dallas Cowboys are confident in Prescott with that being said the cowboys is keeping romo on the bench the biggest question is romo fully recover yet or is he still not just fully recover. Some say they can see the Dallas Cowboys in the super bowl this year vs the New England Patricks.

  • Why in How did are the cowboys one of the best teams in the NFL


Dallas is shocking the world the biggest question is can they remain this great or will they not   be great the cowboys play the steelers this week this is going to be a big rode test for the cowboys. blog-4blog-4899c290f5812d922a367b9aa90153016