Along with our lecture about LinkedIn, I also participated in a Tweetchat about LinkedIn this week. Also, while applying for an internship, they asked for my LinkedIn profile. It was just an abundance and overload of LinkedIn. I’m aware of the importance of utilizing this social media, but really what is there to say?

They say to use LinkedIn as basically an online resume, but as a college student with actual very little experience in my field my actual resume isn’t all that interesting. I personally stay on social media pretty much all day. Although I might not be original with all my posts, I can retweet on Twitter, share on Facebook, like on Instagram and reblog on Tumblr until my thumbs fall off. Why can’t I train my brain to think of LinkedIn in the same way to show that I am active in my field to show future employers?


Now I know that my social media accounts will be looked at in the future, but in this article of Why Millennials Don’t Like LinkedIn the author points out how structured LinkedIn. You really have to think before you post and then if you over think about what you’re posting are you really showing nay originally or your true self? There is such a process with everything. Even just connecting with people adds an extra step. Why do I have to pick how I know somebody? Isn’t that the point of social media? You don’t necessarily have to personally know everybody online, just kind of knowing of them should work.

Then there’s just so many steps to building your profile. Asking people to actually write you recommendations is kind of weird to me. It just feels like we’ve gone back about seven years when you asked your friends to comment on your Myspace picture saying “*insert name here* owns this.” My mom wrote me a recommendation on LinkedIn and it’s like do I post that to my profile? Is that frowned upon? I just don’t know. There’s the basics of LinkedIn that I keep going over in my classes and I understand that. It’s self-explanatory; but what about the unwritten rules? Who is going to teach me that?