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The presidential debates bring much stress to everyone on social media, whether individuals choose to participate in politics. Many people have been told to keep politics out of casual conversation. For those of us who don’t choose to participate in political in our social media we still see it affect us. How is that happening?

Brands have been using political pull to enhance their brands. With the debates being some of the most seen television airings, everyone is talking about the election on social media. Despite an individual’s views on the election brands have been using the pull of the election to bring more attention to their brands. For instance excedrine has branded hemselves as a relief for #debateheadache. CNN says that excedrine won the election. With the debate split in two, people can find a common ground in laughing at branding.

Celebrities have been using their personal branding power to endorse candidates. Hilary Clinton has received several celebrity endorsements throughout her candidacy. Katy Perry performed at one of her early rallies. Beyoncé and Lady Gaga openly endorse Hilary Clinton. What does this do for voters? Many voters, especially young millennial (possibly first time voters) to become more involved in the voting process. This allows young voters to be involved but it also raises the problem of blindly following celebrities. This could cause issues of voting without researching the candidates.

Overall brand involvement in the election benefits social media and its users by encouraging involvement with the voting process. Hopefully these brands and celebrities will encourage their young audience to research and participate as much as possible in this election season’/ voting process.