A boy born to the principal of aa higher secondary school in the Kashmir valley of India. One of 5 siblings, he is the third. He grows up in the clean, paradise valley of Kashmir, with his loving family who always want what is best for him. Fast forward 15 years. The same boy is now being trained how to operate a AK-47 in this same valley. He is now being trained to kill.  

Burhan Muzaffar Wani, a Kashmiri and Indian by nationality was born in the Dadsara district of Palwana, Jammu and Kashmir. He was born to Muzaffar Ahmad Wani and Maimoona Wani, his father being a secondary school principal and his mother a postgraduate in science. He belonged to a well-educated family of 7.

Flashback to the year 1947 when India and Pakistan separated and the valley of Jammu and Kashmir came under the wing of India. Kashmir is known to be ‘heaven on earth’, a place which has breathtaking scenic view, a place which is known to be the pride of India. Kashmir is also a place where you find Indian military officials posted on every second step, a place where finding a dead militant body is something which is not new, a place where clashes between the public and the Indian officials is an everyday case.

Since 1947, India and Pakistan have not been the closest of friends. With Jammu and Kashmir being the center of discussion between the two countries, this paradise has been through unrest since the last 69 years either with bullets being fired from both sides or accusations being thrown at each other.

After attempts were made by both countries to live in peace, all the efforts were blown away when Burhan Wani was killed in an encounter by the Indian military personnel. The same person who was expected to do something worthwhile in his life turned his way around and picked up the worst job in the world. Terrorist. Burhan was the commander of the Hizbul Mujahiddin, a Kashmiri separatist group which has been designated as a terrorist organization by India, the European Union and by the United States.

Hizbul Mujahiddin has been active since the year 1989. Currently it is headed by Sayed Muhammed Yusuf Shah better known as Sayed Salahuddin who is listed to be Most Wanted in India’s NIA (National Investigation Agency) list of criminals. Wani was a member of a terrorist organization and was the Commander who was responsible for recruiting members and spreading insurgency in the Kashmir valley. He was known to be socially active on Facebook and YouTube and posted regular videos claiming allegations against the Indian government. But what made the Indian government to be so hard on the valley. Constant breach of ceasefires, threats from organizations aiming to destroy the peace in the valley, protecting the many innocent people and doing a well-done job on protecting one’s country.

An individual who picks up a gun and points it at his birth country is a terrorist. A person who claims in one his many social media platforms to attack the military on his birth country is a terrorist. A person who recruits several youths for this horrendous job is a terrorist. If I am bold enough to write this down, Omar Mateen, a terrorist who was born in the United States turned against his own country and was definitely a terrorist. The situation here is not the same. Wani for some reason is being claimed as a martyr, a hero for Kashmiri people by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. At the United Nations, General Assembly Nawaz Sharif, prime minister for Pakistan claimed Burhan Wani to be a hero. Pakistan is a country which plays the game of hypocrisy in the subtlest way. A country who claim to know nothing about the worlds most wanted terrorist being in their country is not to be trusted. Osama Bin Laden one of the deadliest terrorist in the world was captured in an extensive compound located less than a mile from Pakistan’s Military Academy. Hypocrisy at its best definition.