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Justice Roy


Saturday night Dave Chapelle made his TV Debut for the first time in years since the ending of his famous show “The Chapelle show”. Dave Chapelle hosted SNL along with the Hip Hop group known as a Tribe called west. The show was one that many people were very excited to see due to his known comical ability. Chapelle opened the show strong with a stand up style monologue making jokes about the election results and current pop culture. He took a suprising turn of events when he asked the country and the black community to join him in accepting Donald Trump with open arms. He wants to hope for the best of him and for the future of this country and this was very powerful for him to do on SNL because it has such a large audience and with his appearance the viewing audience was much higher than average. He continued to finish out the monologue with dropping obscenities that of which he apologized laughing saying “Sorry lorne” who is the main producer of the show. “There are a few possible scenarios to explain the lack of topical sketches following the election. 1) The writers had dozens of “Clinton Won” sketches ready to go and had to rewrite the show Wednesday morning, 2) they were just as glad as we were to be done with the election and only wrote a bare minimum of political sketches because Lorne threatened to take away the free sodas in the break room if they didn’t, or 3) the guest star budget for Alec Baldwin ran out and nobody else has a Trump impression.” Regardless of the reasons for the election episode going the way it did it was still an overall good episode. Indie wire had this to say “Chappelle’s performance was brilliant; the monologue alone will make Top 10, all-time lists for as long as “SNL” exists. (And not just because it gave the FCC something to get excited about, though that’s certainly part of it.) From bringing back iconic “Chappelle’s Show” characters to asking the tough questions, everything Chappelle did was beautiful.” Hopefully we can continue to see Dave in more TV gigs.