By: Diana Perez

College is full of work and nonstop hours of studying. The work and study can be very difficult to take care of, especially with the increase of different forms of social media.

I have myself found wasting long minutes of every study hour checking Facebook and posting pictures of me “studying” on Snapchatsocial-media-mobile-icons-snapchat-facebook-instagram-ss-800x450-3-800x450.

Humans have an average attention span of 8 seconds. It is really hard to find something in studying materials that will grab my attention and allow me to stay focused. Not only are people constantly posting on snapchat, they are most likely tweeting about how much work they have to do. I have seen tweets where the complaining is nonstop and the work is minimal. Staying focused is difficult, especially on a Saturday night when all of the feed and stories are more interesting than notes about the American Revolution. Don’t get me wrong, the American Revolution was and continues to be very important. We did gain our independence!

The independence allows us to waste time and waste even more time complaining about how much time we have wasted. In Facebook’s Q2 earnings last year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the average US consumer spends 40 minutes on Facebook per day. That is 40 minutes that can be used to finish a short essay or edit an almost completed paper.

There have been studies conducted in which a group of people would be observed for about 15 minutes, after they were told to study something they found interesting. After about 3 minutes in on the observation, most of them started to lose focused and turned to their phones. The addiction is real!

There are several factors that are associated with the distraction, but the one I relate to the most is the feeling of not being “behind” on the latest news. I like to be updated about what is going on. I am a journalist. I want to continue being able to walk up to a group of people and say an important fact that no one knows about. That gets me really excited!