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Tuesday night was a night many of us will probably never forget, for some this is positive for many like me it was heartbreaking. Close to a week after the election emotions are still very high, we see this through the many anti-trump protests that have sprung up all across the nation, along with the riots and rallies. Through this whole thing, I have stayed very up to date with how people are feeling and where and when protests are happening through social media.

img_6893During the counting of votes for the election I happened to be out and about and when it was announced I saw a boy who I had just talked to get beat up by pro-Trump people when he disagreed with the result of the election, I watched in horror as the police came and a crowd gathered and immediately shared this sighting on social media, after all. I have noticed the sharing of many stories like this where someone of color, or of the gay community being harassed by trump supporters on social media, and as horrific as reading these stories is, I think that it is important that it is shared it allows us people who feel victimized by pro-Trump people to band together and console each other even though we are all over the country, we can be there for one another, which I personally think is very special it’s nice to feel like you are not alone in times like this, Dr.Drew Pate, a psychiatrist, has said it is “very difficult for people to hold on to intense emotion, so anytime you’re feeling anything intense, there is a need to share it”. I think that the narrative on social media about events like this needs to happen to keep people aware and motivated. Its sad to think that before social media these terrible stories that people are sharing would have gone unnoticed, and unshared. “Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat continue to serve as venting spaces for millions of Americans in response to the world’s current events”, and I hope they continue to be.