• Big Bang Theory

As the final day declare America find out Trump has won the debate and will be our president of the United States. Some Americans where happy that Trump had won while others weren’t.

  • Going on strike

All around america people where going on strike screaming out Trump not my president. What lead to people going on strike people feel that some of the things that trump said where unprofessional for a president to say.

  • Less people voted

Some people felt like neither one of the candidates should be our president throughout this election it has been one to remember from people fighting at the election and people going on strike. Well Trump ever apologize for some of the comments and things that he said and also took place. Whats well it take for america to come together as one big family.

  • Vote

Some feel Clinton won the election what does this mean for america now that trump has became our president will america aspect him ass our president or will people not aspect him or not.