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Back before social media fans of sports figures had no clue what their favorite players personalities were. The only info they ever received was from an article or from announcers on the tv. Due to Social media athletes have become more humanized. You can just about find any famous player on any social platform nowadays.

Athletes use social media to take a stand on their beliefs. Social media has become a powerful tool for pro athletes to take a stand on and let the public know their stance on certain topics.  This can be great but it can also be not so good. Athletes have the ability to be the voice of so many people with what they support and post about on social media. This is great if they are using it to bring people together. But not all athletes have the agenda of bringing everyone together. When athletes use social media to divide people then that is a negative outcome. A lot of times athletes do not comprehend how many people follow them online and how many things they could say can get misinterpreted.

It seems like every week there is a new story about some pro athlete who speaks his mind on social media and offends someone. Majority of the time I do not take any offense to what they say. But there are many people who do. When pro athletes reach a certain fame level they need to hire a great PR agent and discuss what they are gonna post before they do. By doing this they will avoid offending people. But by doing this their fans will feel that everything that they post is not really them and takes out the human element to social media. Over time it will feel like a robot is running their account and they no longer exist as a person.


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