Brands often work endlessly on finding different ways to increase their online visibility and revenue. They want to create a positive experience for their user, and gain affirmative feedback such as likes, and click- throughs. However, if it’s just you trying to grow your own brand, you need to take a different approach.

The first step to building your personal brand is to find the right groups. Social media websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, both provide opportunities for people focused in specific industries. If you find people who are interested in the same expertise, you’ll be able to network and build authority around your personal brand. The next step in building your brand is to keep it consistent. It’s important to maintain consistency on all of your social media platforms. Being consistent helps others control their impressions of your personal brand. It can damage your image if one of your social media sites shows content that doesn’t represent you in a positive light. It’s also important to engage regularly! Building your brand takes a lot of hard work. You should be engaging with your audience on a regular basis, and adjusting your content based on the type of audience. Another way to develop your brand is to diversify your content. Be sure to share different types of content such as articles, videos, images, and even polls! You will see a lot more feedback when you diversify the content you post daily. Being flexible with your posts will prevent you from oversharing your own content, and allow your audience to appreciate when you acknowledge content from other people. The fifth way to build your personal brand is to jump into discussions. Be a voice, and include yourself in visible discussions. This is extremely useful if you have different opinions and value to add. The last and final way to build your personal brand is to study influencers. Collaborating with other influencers can help get your name out there. However, it’s important to realize it takes time before you can get yourself seen.

Megan Jefferson