By: Diana Perez

social-mediaAs a girl of Hispanic decent, I am already under a lot of pressure to do good. Not just for me, but for my family as well. Both in the United States and in Mexico. My parents are not very trusting of their surroundings. I mean, don’t get me wrong, my family loves the country we live in. They just sometimes have a hard time trusting places that are different, especially if that place is an online site.

When I first joined Facebook had to do it behind my parents back. Once they found out, I received a whole lecture about how dangerous it is to upload picture of myself on a website where anybody could see. Over the course of the years, I managed to make social media more “convincing” of my parent’s approval. How? By connecting with my family in Mexico. All of my cousins joined Facebook and added me. Now it is hard to stay off because my mom and dad are always wanting to see the latest picture my cousin uploaded of my grandparents.

Being a Mexican girl on social media the included the friending of many people who spoke Spanish and only Spanish. The issues, is that I don’t know if I should post in English or in Spanish. For about a year all my posts were in English, and my family and Mexico would send me confused messages. Although there is a translate option now, there wasn’t one then.

Long story short, my parents still remain skeptical about social media. Sure they are always logging on an off of my Facebook account, but I think it will always be part of their “parental instinct” and them being overprotective.