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By Zoee Acosta

The New York Times wrote an article in June 2016 called Parenting is now Officially Impossible.  The article talks about how being a parent in a world where social media is king is the hardest thing to do. This is not the first or last publishing of its kind. Many sites have tips and guidelines on posting about their kids. Most of these parenting pages on social media are targeted to moms and offer advice on how to deal with different stages in a child’s life.

Many parents  find social media stressful because it allows people to have an input on their parenting choices. Parenting, like The New York Times,put it, is now under a microscope. On social media, parents can post what they feel is share-worthy. While some parents feel more comfortable sharing everything other stick to pictures of outing and family trips. Some people do not mind sharing pictures of their kid potty training which might seem weird to others. People without kids sometimes feel like they are not following the parent but they child. It can also lead to parents feeling insecure about their own parenting techniques.

Social media can also help when a parent is in trouble. There have been many instances where a parent uses facebook or Instagram to locate a missing child. The communities formed within social media help these parents by sharing the information and in cases tracking down the missing child.  Many parents also use social media to help get advice from other parents. Some parents seek advice from people who deal with the same issues as they are in at that point of their child’s development. Other sources are targeted to single parents.  People post about how they manage and other ways to make being a single parent easier.

While social media can bring a lot of judgment it can also help parents and answer their questions.


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