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My past blogs have been pretty serious, so for my last one as far as this class goes, I thought it would be fun to look at different social media fails from this year and the past year and discuss why they are such a fail.

Earlier this year “Vera Bradley” launched a social media campaign called “Why its Good to be a Girl”  in which they asked people why they liked being a girl and posted some of the responses online, one of them was, “Being able to hang out with the boys but still being treated like a lady”, you can only imagine the other responses. Personally I don’t like products from the brand, it’s always seemed personally a little for the older crowd, and this campaign seems very old-fashioned, in this day and age where people are being so expressive with gender and bending the “rules”, they could have taken a second thought when coming up with this campaign.

Another social media fail this year is when “Seoul Secret”, a makeup brand in South Korea, came out with a campaign to support their skin lightening cream, the campaign was called “White Makes You Win”, do I even need to explain this one, granted this is a brand in South Korea where there aren’t many dark skinned people and the culture is very different, however, we can all agree that no matter what you skin tone is you can win, and with this campaign they did just the opposite, check out a picture from the campaign below.


Source : https://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/272286

Last But not least  and from 2015 was when the Seattle SeaHawks beat the Packers they posted a picture of their quarterback teary eyed with an MLK day quote and hashtagged it with #MLK as well, it was quite controversial because it doesn’t make any kind of sense to compare football to the Civil Rights Movement, they apologized and deleted it, but I mean….come on.