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In the spirit of still talking about advertising, but in lieu of exhaustion from the semester, I decided to write about something a little lighter this week. And what is more light than everyone’s* favorite app, Snapchat?

*it’s definitely not my favorite, but I’m sure it’s a handful of people’s favorite
Picture from: https://twitter.com/snapchat

I read a statistic recently (from an article on AdAge) that said that advertisements on Snapchat are only viewed for an average of 2.5-2.8 seconds. I found that surprising in two contradicting ways: first off, I thought it was weird that people watch Snapchat ads for that long, since I only watch as long as it takes me to realize I’m being shown an ad (so a total of like 1 second); but I was also shocked to see that the average time a person watches an ad on Snapchat is so low. Shouldn’t advertisers have figured out a better way to reach their target market by now? We know that an ad isn’t really effective if you’ve only seen 2 to 3 seconds of it, even if it’s a hard-hitting, super-fantastic ad. However, I will say that some companies/ firms have grasped Snapchat advertising a little better than others.It is my personal opinion that those who are most successful with Snapchat advertising are the ones who provide geo-filters or stickers or the like.

While ads on Snapchat may not be reaching their full potential as of now, I’m not too concerned for the future of advertisers in relation to the popular app. One article predicts Snapchat will increase its number of users in 2017 by 13.6 percent, placing the total number of people active on Snapchat at 217 million. That being said, I’m sure advertisers will have a significant amount of time to perfect the art of in-app advertising. I don’t foresee Snapchat shutting down anytime soon. Though, if I’m wrong, c’est la vie; there are worse things.

If one day I’m fortunate enough to own and operate my own advertising firm, we’ll be the ones who make cool Snapchat filters and reach the whole nation. That is, if Snapchat is still around by then. And it probably won’t be…but we will be successful.

Mark my words.


Kristen Harlow