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Kristen Harlow

In truth, the main reason I read the article titled “3 Things Kiss Taught Me About Marketing” wasn’t because I was looking to gain knowledge about successful marketing campaigns or because I wanted to improve my ideas surrounding branding, but instead I read it because I’m human; I like how Kiss looks when it comes to their merch. Call me fake, I don’t care, but the design they created for themselves was so classic 80s (at least in my mind) it couldn’t fail.

Something I didn’t expect to get from reading the article was insight into why Kiss was so successful. Perhaps it’s because I don’t know much about Kiss, and it’s absolutely because I didn’t know Kiss had its own mythology surrounding the band, but I didn’t realize how strong their story telling was and how big of an affect it had on their image (realistically, their brand).


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While we’re on the topic of storytelling, let’s talk about it’s importance. Being a good storyteller is a quality that people in advertising are supposed to have. I’ve always worried about how I’m going to do in advertising because my storytelling isn’t exactly linear nor concise- I suppose that’s neither here nor there right now though. Regardless, storytelling is- according to many articles including this one -the way of the future.

A prime example of a storytelling ad is this new one from BBDO (https://www.youtube.com/BBDOAd). It’s a story and it’s an incredible advertisement because of its shock value. Watch it. Now.

I guess the point of this post is to say that storytelling can really solidify a brand and create a fan base, not just a user base, which is kind of the ultimate goal.

If one day I’m fortunate enough to own and operate my own advertising firm, we’ll create ads that stay ahead of the curve. We’ll create ads that capture humanity through stories that generate change. And we will be successful.

Mark my words.