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The word “meme” was created by an author back in 1976. Meme are a photo with text on the top and bottom. Once memes were introduced to the internet and social media, they found a place to thrive. 

Memes are so popular because they spread easy and are often times funny. Memes are also great at expressing ones emotions or feelings. Most memes are created after someone famous or a big event. This helps them spread because most people recognize the image and then proceed to read the text attached to it. 

Memes can range from being harmlessly funny to disturbingly hilarious. I say this because of the meme called “rape sloth”. This meme is always being passed around on social media. It is a photo of a sloth on a shoulder of a model and it looks like the sloth is whispering in the models ear. 

Another huge meme that has taken over the internet is the Michael Jordan sad face meme. This meme is shared on a daily basis throughout social media. Every time a team loses or messes up the Jordan face is put on them. 

The next meme, which our class knows too well…, is Pepe. This is a ridiculous looking frog with text added to it. Unfortunately, this meme has been transformed from a harmless joke throughout social media to become designated hate symbol by the ADL.

My favorite meme I have seen throughout social media is “Bad Luck Brian”. This meme is of a kid with an ugly sweater with braces who just happened to take the most ridiculous year book picture of all time. Some of the best lines on the bad luck Brian meme are…. Found the pill of immortality, chokes on it….. Stops drops and rolls, into another fire.

So that about sums it up for popular memes on social media. I hardly scratched the surface but you get it.. They are everywhere and spreading all throughout social media.