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Ironically as I was deciding what to blog about last minute, I thought what better topic to write about than none other than blogging! Topics, reasons to blog, popular sites and even how to blog in less than 10 minutes, there are 6,820,000,000 results when looking up the word blogging. Other than making time for it, blogging has a pretty good reputation from a personal and to a business standpoint. Even from the results on the first page, many people vouched that it is not only a great way of expressing your opinion and creativity, but it can be extremely beneficial to blog for businesses. Driving traffic to websites, improving search engine visibility and promoting company news are only a few benefits when blogging for your business.

So when did all of this blogging business start? In 1997, weblog was first coined by Jorn Barger who initially referred to it as “logging the web.” Different platforms started to arise and eventually, there was a vast growth of blogging in the early 2000s. Ah yes, the 2000. By 2006, blogging was mainstream with an array of political blogs and meta blogs that had become the new thing. And among these new forums, WordPress was created in 2003! Not all things in the 2000 were bad, huh? I’m talking about you, denim Britney and Justin. Anyway, since then, blogging has continued to grow and has a promising future, in my opinion. From adding product lines, to continuing to go more mobile friendly, blogging will persevere through the tendency to move to 140 character tweets, quick reads and Snapchats. Although our attention spans are prone to scrolling swiftly through our news feeds, I think blogging will have a long future of persistently expressing opinions, lifestyle, businesses and products. While many think blogging could potentially die off, I think many people still value the long posts that convey depth and thought. I personally do and I know many others who do as well. I know personally that I’ll continue to love lying in bed checking my favorite blogs, as long as they keep coming.