By Relvyn Lopez

Social media was a passion of mine I didn’t realize I had. I’ve been active on social media for the last decade and simply saw it as a hobby. I’ve understood how to connect with people through written and visual communication, specifically on Twitter. I’ve considered writing a book for a long time, mostly because I’ve experience many things through Twitter. From huge tragedies, to personal meltdowns, to professional growth through networking, it’s brought so many opportunities for other individuals and myself included.

Professionally, if you know how to stunt well and pretend to be more than you actually are, you can truly open up some doors for yourself on social media and meet some individuals that can help you move up in a certain field you are interested in. I truly believe in the magic of networking and making connections. No one has gotten to where they are alone, We all receive some kind of support that helps us make higher steps to overcoming obstacles or reaching a level that otherwise may have been impossible. Twitter is a great place to do this.

Personally, Twitter allowed me to emotionally remove myself from reality at times. I was able to rant on Facebook (sometiimes maybe more than I should have) and also gave myself the opportunity to make friendships across the world. There’s individuals I’ve only met through Twitter whom I am still in daily contact with. We haven’t actually met, but the connection is still there. It’s crazy to me that we can be so united and connected for several years but still have had no physical “in person” contact whatsoever.


From befriending D list celebrities to begging for a reply from an A list celebrity, Twitter is a place for everyone. I’ve had conversation with Iggy Azalea in her mixtape days before she blew up. I’ve gotten replied from Khloe Kardashian, Giuliana Rancic, Christina Perri, Nicki Minaj, and several other “verified” accounts. It brings a sense of unifying comfortableness in which I felt at an equal level as many of these so called celebrities. Recently, I gagged at the fact that Cardi B, a reality show star and rapper, followed me. She only followes 124 people!