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By: Brooke Girton

President Trump and his cohorts have been constantly battling the media and trying to shut them out. For a while now, the media has been accused of bias towards liberal or conservative views. News organizations have been accused of distorting stories to serve their messages. Unfortunately, viewers today must take everything they hear and even see with a grain of salt because of this.

Even though the media can sometimes abuse its power, Trump seems to think the media should do and say what he wants. Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was recently quoted calling the media “the opposition party” and continued to imply that the mainstream media should fire any Hillary campaign activists. He states that, because the media had so obviously backed Hillary Clinton, they were humiliated by loss and should now shut up and listen. Trump, of course, agreed with his chief strategist on the subject, however he did specify that not all media is in the opposition party. Trump went on to commend the reporters who do not speak against him.

Several journalists, such as Stephen Engelberg, have been quoted defending the media and vowing to continue reporting the truth instead of alternative facts.

While he should not expect the media to bow to him after winning the election, Trump may be onto something. News is rarely neutral anymore. Viewers get a one-sided view and typically choose to only listen to the side that reflects their views. As more people on both sides of the spectrum are educated by biased outlets, they are divided against each other. Free speech is guaranteed to every individual but, should new organizations be held to a higher standard? News organizations have a substantial responsibility to report what is really going on in the world, without skewing or omitting the facts.