Social media is the most frightening place to be if you are from my perspective. Which is to insinuate I don’t use any social sites or plunge into the dichotomy between those that do use it and don’t. I would like it if people didn’t read my hilarious jokes but instead listened to them when I spoke them in person. I prefer the laugh I hear versus the laugh I envisi0n when I read “lol”. Sure enough though, that is nothing to hold a growing adult back from joining in on this nationwide campaign to bring an internet to every house, even though there are thousands that need water to live. Though, I suppose, that is nitpicking too. I’m afraid of forgetting about the people who don’t use social media, if I may be the next on the pathway towards our generations’ addiction and make sure that my fake non-tangible life seems mighty credible.

Finding out that I am a social pariah when my plane lands, or that even when I get home and  realize that I still have one more nip of Johnny Walker in the bottle, that my social media feed will have people trying to accost me with unromantic epithets or they will debase me on the fact that I am not photogenic. Social media, to me, looks like a constant depressing gamble on how many people can think that a personality I happen to be thrusting at them is some immaculate art-piece. My Facebook page is fire, my twitter is lit, but I…I am just tired.  I don’t think that a person could win, even with these low stakes.

Digressing: I am new to a world I don’t understand. Sometimes you need fear to tell you when to leave and sometimes you need fear to make you anxious for what is beyond the fear. It may be beautiful. It may be the El Dorado. This is me giving social media a chance, much like the chance I gave the new Series of Unfortunate Events. It wasn’t the same without Jim Carrey stealing the whole movie away from even the director and producers, but at least the story can be expanded upon in a better way. There is hope, yet. Cheers.


By Tyler Hanson