By: Catalina Uriarte

Donald Trump’s twitter account has gained the world’s eye over the past few months with his presidential running and eventual victory. With that being said perhaps being the President of the United States is not the only reason he has over 23-million followers. Trump’s tweets are undoubtedly unconventional from what we’ve seen in the past from those in power. His tweets include (but are not limited to) his reactions to terrorism, discussion on foreign policy, attacks on other countries, and attacks on news organizations, and certain reporters.

Frederick Deligne / Nice-Matin, FranceWhile his tweets may be unusual and offensive to some, the First Amendment protects opinionated tweets such as these on social media. So why are so many people shaking their heads? Even though he is not violating any laws, the content of his posts on social media are seen as unorthodox  based on the social norms of today’s society.

A survey conducted by Career Builder showed that 65 percent of employers will check social media to see how a potential employee represents themselves. The survey also stated that 34 percent of employers admitted to not hiring an applicant due to certain content on their social media. In addition, there have been viral reports of individuals being fired from their current jobs based on inappropriate social media content. Factors such as this allow us to recognize that society has an understood law on social media etiquette.

According to Forbes, these rules include that before posting we consider whether our content may be viewed as offensive and appropriate; Furthermore, that we are not just using personal posts to vent or as an emotional dumping ground. Trump’s twitter posts have arguably done all of these yet he has become successful none the less.

Trump’s twitter brings in to question social ethics on media, and has led to worldwide controversy. Will Trump’s tweets create a gateway for those in power to post unconventional opinionated thoughts? His use of social media as a new news media platform may bring these social ethics into question. Time will show if Trump’s twitter behavior is an anomaly or will alter the social norms of social media.


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