children-of-men-2By Tyler Hanson

My father, staunch Republican you see, said, “Trump needs to quit that Twitter nonsense once he’s in office. Right now, it’s fine. He wants America behind him. But once America is behind him, he needs to focus on working for us instead of talking to us.”

Lo and behold, he has not stopped tweeting. He probably tweets in the oval office while eating McDonald’s and cussing at CNN on the television. That is fair. The world is full of humans and each human has a vice. But the problem is in what the tweets represent: a man who cannot believe he is failing.

“Extreme vetting” is the type of statement that makes you grit your teeth in a nightmare and wake up with a sore jaw. This is after I thought I was in Children of Men when I saw the polls: 40% of Americans are behind Trump. The other 60% were rioting in the streets. This was on a TV at a restaurant on a channel I didn’t know. But it looked just as bleak as Clive Owen’s 5 o’clock shadow.

Maybe it’s fake, but how can there be that much opposition? And what if it is mainly behind his bullying tweets? They’ve been with us since he first stood against Hillary and said he would throw her in jail.

But, the worst part has to be that there are people that are rallying behind him. “Throw her in jail!”, “It’s not a ban!” Well…what is it? Do we have a bully in the office or a baby who can’t choose his words properly. Should that be our President.

Yes, Obama tweeted during his presidency. I wasn’t a fan of that either. I don’t need to be talked at. His staff might have been doing the tweets, sure, however, we know this is Trump because these are bloated, angry, repetitive, redundant tweets that praise him and point fingers. As an American citizen I would like to know that my President spends his time wisely. The growing collection of people on social media has taken away from that. They retweet him. This is my first blog about Trump and I really do hope it’s the last. I hope we can find something else to talk about and maybe love one another in the world instead slandering on social media or flexin’ so companies think that we are worthy of being a part of their team because of our presence and “personality” on social media. Wolves in sheep’s clothing abound. Why aren’t we afraid of that, too?