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By: Taylar Gomez

Influencer marketing will be a continuing trend in 2017 with more success than ever. The power behind this marketing is strong and lasting to consumers. Marketers are now using this tool in live broadcasts and social networks. Using influencer marketing during live broadcasts allows a direct connection to the consumer. In an article from Marketing Land, Avocados From Mexico used influencer marketing to share its campaign in the week leading up to the super bowl. The campaign exchanged points and offered chances to win awards.

To successfully use influencers, marketers should understand the audience they are trying to appeal to. Knowing where your audience spends the most time and what devices they use will help in attracting them to the advertisement. Timing of when the content should go live must be considered as well. Directly communicating with the brand ambassador is important for the content to be placed on the platform in good timing. It is critical that the brand and influencer are right for each other. The brand must represent the influencer as much as the influencer represents the brand.

With this marketing strategy expanding its reach, media groups are making sure to stay ahead. In an article by Arabian Business, ITP Media Group is projected to reach over 25 million followers by the end of the year. ITP Media Group understands the importance of this marketing and believes that creating quality content will allow them brands to stay relevant.

What’s Next?

Brands are going to continuing using influencer marketing and expand on the tool even more. Influencers will host more events and take over more social media platform accounts. Influencer marketing allows consumers to see their favorite people using products and services they could potentially be interested in. brands should all be utilizing this marketing practice to drive sales and build a better relationship with their customers.


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