By Catalina Uriarte

Social media has changed the game for the newsroom whether they like it or not. A new study by Pew Research announced in 2016 that 62% of individuals receive news on social media. However, users aren’t the only ones using social media for news. Even news media sources use social media in order to get photos and videos of their latest story’s victim.

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.

BELCHATOW POLAND – MAY 02 2013: Modern white keyboard with colored social network buttons.

According to USA Today, anyone can be a citizen journalist. With a smart phone right at our finger tips, it’s easy to whip out a video and share it with our peers online. With our smart phones we are able to post things on the social web faster than ever. BBC is calling it a social media revolution!

So how can ordinary journalist and news organizations keep up? With technology it is not enough just to hear about news, the public now wants to interact and be a part of the action. As a result of this some news media is losing the game. Pew Research reported that in 2015 newspapers had their worst year yet since the recession, an industry that supports 33,000 full time employees. In January 2016 it was reported that just 5% of individuals named the newspaper as their most helpful source for election information.

Network news stations are shown to still be doing alright. Many news companies have moved to offering their news online and putting up paywalls on their sites. None the less social media threaten to trump all by being free, conveniently accessible, and by having such a large audience. According to Zephoria, Facebooks active user audience is at 1.88 billion. Adding to the easy access social media creates large news sources can be found on social media platforms as well.

Perhaps the social media revolution will lead to a news media revolution as news media must find a way to integrate itself onto the social web. Either way social media has undeniably changed the game by providing an interactive environment where anyone has the opportunity to report and react to events.


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