To be the shortest, February is a very busy month. Besides the fact of Black History month where you take time to pay homage to the ancestors before you and their fights for rights. You also have the month of love where on that special day you spoil and treat your significant other with the most appreciation, or go out and find someone to treat and spoil; but it is also an important month because it is when all the players in the NBA are holding their breathe to see if they have been selected to start in the NBA All-Star game.


            Fans are holding the power of the game in the palm of their hands with this little thing called a cell phone. Twitter has been one of the leading social media handles when it comes to voting since forever. The fans were given the opportunity to vote for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game and they will be announced and awarded at the end. Most people that are watching the game are not as much of basketball fans as one may think, instead of choosing based off of skill, most of them go with the personality or style of the person. Fortunately, the MVP of this year’s game was New Orleans’s very own Anthony Davis.


            Perhaps it was the fact that he led the western conference in points with 52 of them to be exact, or maybe it was the fact that he was the only New Orleans Pelicans player actually playing and the entire event was in the Big Easy. Whatever it was, it could not have been done without social media. Through social media is how artist are discovered, it is how some people’s pay checks are written and in this case, it is how you are crowned one of the most respected rewards.  Just in 2016 alone, twitter has reached $319 billion.


            Twitter is everywhere and it is not alone. If you are not sure about the new technology yet, well you have a lot of work to.