By: Taylar Gomez

techcrunch(photo cred: techcrunch)

Have you noticed a change in your Instagram feed and who is showing up at the top? Instagram has recently changed their algorithm to one that claims to bring more relevance to your feed. The main method of measurement is based on engagement between users. Posts that you engage with, whether it be a like or comment, will appear higher on your feed. There are four key measures based around the engagement factor that makes certain content appear at the top of your feed. The four measure are; content you have liked, who you have direct messaged, who you are searched, and those you know in real life.

Before rolling out this new algorithm, Instagram saw a change in the amount of users actually seeing relevant content on their feed. Instagram users were actually seeing less of the content that was relevant to them. There were two options to fix this, they could try to lessen the amount of accounts that you follow or implement the engagement factors mentioned above. Instagram chose to do the second option, and saw uplift in the key metrics. The testing trial that Instagram gave the algorithm was very successful. The time from testing to the algorithm being implemented was relatively short compared to past updates. Social Media Today, states that after the update, Instagram added 100 million new users to the platform.

The roll out of this new algorithm is not only beneficial to Instagram users, but is a marketing opportunity for brands as well. This is allowing brands more power to produce relevant marketing messages to current customers and potential customers. Brands should make they are keeping up with the updates that are happening in order to stay relevant. The new update has brought opportunity, but in order for brands to be successful they have to re think the their social strategies. Forbes states how this new algorithm allows brands to get in touch with a niche target audience that is fitting to the their image. Next time you are scrolling through your fee, really pay attention to the content you are being served. Which accounts are you seeing more often?


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