By Catalina Uriarte

Social media, our fastest growing networking systems. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, originally with the intent of sharing your life and “highlight reels” has shaped into something much bigger. Social networking is now being used to make new friends, fall in love, organize groups, and even to find new jobs.


Perhaps the most obvious platform we can see the job market taking over social media is on LinkedIn. Launched in 2003 and accelerating in 2010 LinkedIn now has more than 467 million members! A whole social media platform created for the purpose of connecting people in the job market. So how do we take advantage of this shift? Can social media really help us find a job? According to CareerBuilder 60 percent of employers use social media to look at potential employees and this is not just to check character. CareerBuilder also shares that six in ten of those employers searching are actually looking for things to support their qualifications for the job. Sounds like a shift to take advantage of.

Forbes shares seven ways you can use social media to get a job. These ways include obvious things such as networking to other people in your industry, following and “liking” companies you are interested in, or simply searching for jobs on social media. Forbes does however warn that it is important online to not come off as selfish and one sided. Never flat out ask for a job but instead be helpful offering content and answering questions.

Even if you do not plan on using social media to get a job it is important to note that employers are online looking to see the personality of the individuals they are hiring. Social media can disqualify you from a job. Monster shares some serious turnoffs for companies. These include being on private, buying fake followers, and inactive.

So whatever you do keep it clean, engage, and don’t hide anything. Social media is an amazing tool that allows us to keep others closer but can also benefit us when used right. You never know who may be watching. Happy job hunting!



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