By: Joslyn Mitchell

    This past July, thousands, in fact, millions of people watched from television and Facebook as the unfortunate fiancé of Philando Castile filmed the after math of what is publicly labeled as, Police brutality. Although one can only imagine how painful it is to watch, let alone film the one you love die, but because she posted the film on social media; people were able to see what really happen and gave them more motivation to seek justice. Social Media is now being used for far more than just selfies and people bragging about going to Greece for spring break. More companies are finding themselves getting higher ratings and more customers just by having a Facebook or Twitter. Even Police departments.

At the year’s Social Media, the Internet and Law Enforcement (SMILE). Philadelphia had a very experienced veteran, Frank Domizio, to come and explain the four ways Social media can help the police department. The first one is it helps build a relationship and a community by engaging with each other, it gains control over the department’s reputation with the community, third, providing a forum for people to ask questions and for you to share tips you otherwise would share and the last one spreading knowledge quickly and with minimal effort that could protect your community, help catch suspects, and finding missing people. 4 ways police use social media

The Police Department will be more interactive as well as have events, as well as post them and it will also be attracting a younger crowd that way they can get more people to support them. In class the teacher told the students about how there is a tracker from twitter to the police department that has all the people near the scene of the crime who tweeted. The more technology grows the greater mad can be against crimes or even just inviting the community to an event.