Social Media In Sports Culture

Sports Organizations Using Social Media

These days the most impactful way to reach a large audience quickly is through social media. Pro sports organizations have succeeded in using social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram to connect with fans and keep them informed.


The really interactive pages use short video clips of awesome moments from competition or share interviews from before and after games as well as keep their fans entertained by sharing “memes” or “gifs”


After the brutal loss in Super Bowl 51, the Atlanta Falcons took to twitter to thank their fans for all the support during the long season. It was appreciated with a lot of interactions.


In the future in the changing world impacted by social media, the sports culture is a huge part of the connection social media will have with major sports companies and audiences.


Chelsea’s Antonio conte is the english premier league new boss

Even though it is one of the most competitive league in the world if its not the most competitive league, it was just a matter of time for the Italian coach Antonio Conte to become the best coach currently in England. As the premier league goes on, we can see Chelsea FC  in the top of the league, and the responsible for this excellent  season for chelsea it is the Italian coach. The battle between jose Mourinho and pep Guardiola was supposed to be the attractive thing this season in the english premier league since bot were consider the best soccer coaches in the world, and the most interesting thing is that both coaches are in manchester, Mourinho for manchester united, and Guardiola for manchester city. The media, fans, soccer experts were predicting the teams from manchester to be on top of the league this season but all the awards now are for Antonio conte and his chelsea.  chelsea is now a solid team, it is a organize team and players know exactly their functions in the field , and is easy to tell when watching a game of them. Pep Guardiola one of the best coaches in the world and current manager for manchester united pointed out in a well known British website ” The Guardian” that Antonio Conte is currently not only the best coach in England but in the world. And numbers tell the true,  Chelsea is nine points clear of second-placed tottenham hotspurs with just 14 games left.

This is the season for Chelsea and Antonio Conte to come back as the English premier league champions and winning the title with the amazing numbers they have right now, would be a historic event for chelsea. their main star, Eden Hazard from Belgium believed that this chelsea is the strongest chelsea ever and is positive about winning the title this season, said Hazard to a journalist from “independent” newspaper from London. Just the time would tell if this chelsea is the best ever and it looks like Antonio Conte will become the new king this season in England.




Color in Social Media

“Charm is deceptive, Beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Psalms 31:30.

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Throughout history, women, as a whole have had our share of being in the media, whether it was flying news papers in the 1920’s announcing to the world the 19th amendment was passed giving all American women the right to vote, or if it was Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi blowing up Twitter and Facebook in 2015 with the #BlackLivesMatter. Women over all have had to fight their way through life just to gain respect, but as painful as it sounds, non have fought like women of color.

In social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. You find a battle that has been going on for many years, but people have never really noticed it. It is the battle of “Light Skin” vs. “Dark Skin.” “Light” people are portrayed as weak and frail and into themselves whereas “Dark” people are portrayed as strong and mainly or strong and humble for women. Society as a whole has African Americans based on our skin complexion. Most black women are afraid to even admit that they are fully African American. We try and use the very common quote, “All black people have Indian in them.” From where?? There is not any studies that has shown all black people are half Indian. We used this dividing standard against ourselves as a way of contacting with the rest of the world, but little do we know we are colonizing ourselves all over again.

According to Return of the Kings,Google created an article about women that are least liked. Besides American women as a whole, black women are the worst to even consider dating. African American women are labeled as rude, overweight, loud, angry, and masculine. From the time black women were forced over here to even modern times, they have been ridiculed and by the fullness of their lips, how curvy they are and how curly of hair… I’m sorry, Nappy their hair is. Now, there are Hispanic, European, and even Asian  women who are doing quick makeup tutorials on instagram showing you how to get bigger, Fuller lips within seconds. you even have those same women trying exercises and getting surgery just to have hips and a larger butt.

In social media, depending on pictures you post, black women are judged differently than any other race of women despite the fact that they invented most of all hair products, all women use today, despite that black women have had children in one night; and get up and work with that same new-born on their backs in very alarming weather that next day, and despite the fact the most of the black men that engage in the controversial media outbursts and conversations were raised by one.

As black women in this society today, it is important that you stay true to yourself and never forget your roots and who are. Always remember you do not have to be another ethnicity to feel beautiful because women of color are powerful and strong.

Will Trump Change Conventional Behavior on Social Media?

By: Catalina Uriarte

Donald Trump’s twitter account has gained the world’s eye over the past few months with his presidential running and eventual victory. With that being said perhaps being the President of the United States is not the only reason he has over 23-million followers. Trump’s tweets are undoubtedly unconventional from what we’ve seen in the past from those in power. His tweets include (but are not limited to) his reactions to terrorism, discussion on foreign policy, attacks on other countries, and attacks on news organizations, and certain reporters.

Frederick Deligne / Nice-Matin, FranceWhile his tweets may be unusual and offensive to some, the First Amendment protects opinionated tweets such as these on social media. So why are so many people shaking their heads? Even though he is not violating any laws, the content of his posts on social media are seen as unorthodox  based on the social norms of today’s society.

A survey conducted by Career Builder showed that 65 percent of employers will check social media to see how a potential employee represents themselves. The survey also stated that 34 percent of employers admitted to not hiring an applicant due to certain content on their social media. In addition, there have been viral reports of individuals being fired from their current jobs based on inappropriate social media content. Factors such as this allow us to recognize that society has an understood law on social media etiquette.

According to Forbes, these rules include that before posting we consider whether our content may be viewed as offensive and appropriate; Furthermore, that we are not just using personal posts to vent or as an emotional dumping ground. Trump’s twitter posts have arguably done all of these yet he has become successful none the less.

Trump’s twitter brings in to question social ethics on media, and has led to worldwide controversy. Will Trump’s tweets create a gateway for those in power to post unconventional opinionated thoughts? His use of social media as a new news media platform may bring these social ethics into question. Time will show if Trump’s twitter behavior is an anomaly or will alter the social norms of social media.


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My Fear is the New Nostalgia

Social media is the most frightening place to be if you are from my perspective. Which is to insinuate I don’t use any social sites or plunge into the dichotomy between those that do use it and don’t. I would like it if people didn’t read my hilarious jokes but instead listened to them when I spoke them in person. I prefer the laugh I hear versus the laugh I envisi0n when I read “lol”. Sure enough though, that is nothing to hold a growing adult back from joining in on this nationwide campaign to bring an internet to every house, even though there are thousands that need water to live. Though, I suppose, that is nitpicking too. I’m afraid of forgetting about the people who don’t use social media, if I may be the next on the pathway towards our generations’ addiction and make sure that my fake non-tangible life seems mighty credible.

Finding out that I am a social pariah when my plane lands, or that even when I get home and  realize that I still have one more nip of Johnny Walker in the bottle, that my social media feed will have people trying to accost me with unromantic epithets or they will debase me on the fact that I am not photogenic. Social media, to me, looks like a constant depressing gamble on how many people can think that a personality I happen to be thrusting at them is some immaculate art-piece. My Facebook page is fire, my twitter is lit, but I…I am just tired.  I don’t think that a person could win, even with these low stakes.

Digressing: I am new to a world I don’t understand. Sometimes you need fear to tell you when to leave and sometimes you need fear to make you anxious for what is beyond the fear. It may be beautiful. It may be the El Dorado. This is me giving social media a chance, much like the chance I gave the new Series of Unfortunate Events. It wasn’t the same without Jim Carrey stealing the whole movie away from even the director and producers, but at least the story can be expanded upon in a better way. There is hope, yet. Cheers.


By Tyler Hanson


Trump and Company Vs. The Media


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By: Brooke Girton

President Trump and his cohorts have been constantly battling the media and trying to shut them out. For a while now, the media has been accused of bias towards liberal or conservative views. News organizations have been accused of distorting stories to serve their messages. Unfortunately, viewers today must take everything they hear and even see with a grain of salt because of this.

Even though the media can sometimes abuse its power, Trump seems to think the media should do and say what he wants. Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was recently quoted calling the media “the opposition party” and continued to imply that the mainstream media should fire any Hillary campaign activists. He states that, because the media had so obviously backed Hillary Clinton, they were humiliated by loss and should now shut up and listen. Trump, of course, agreed with his chief strategist on the subject, however he did specify that not all media is in the opposition party. Trump went on to commend the reporters who do not speak against him.

Several journalists, such as Stephen Engelberg, have been quoted defending the media and vowing to continue reporting the truth instead of alternative facts.

While he should not expect the media to bow to him after winning the election, Trump may be onto something. News is rarely neutral anymore. Viewers get a one-sided view and typically choose to only listen to the side that reflects their views. As more people on both sides of the spectrum are educated by biased outlets, they are divided against each other. Free speech is guaranteed to every individual but, should new organizations be held to a higher standard? News organizations have a substantial responsibility to report what is really going on in the world, without skewing or omitting the facts.

How I Benefit from Social Media

By Relvyn Lopez

Social media was a passion of mine I didn’t realize I had. I’ve been active on social media for the last decade and simply saw it as a hobby. I’ve understood how to connect with people through written and visual communication, specifically on Twitter. I’ve considered writing a book for a long time, mostly because I’ve experience many things through Twitter. From huge tragedies, to personal meltdowns, to professional growth through networking, it’s brought so many opportunities for other individuals and myself included.

Professionally, if you know how to stunt well and pretend to be more than you actually are, you can truly open up some doors for yourself on social media and meet some individuals that can help you move up in a certain field you are interested in. I truly believe in the magic of networking and making connections. No one has gotten to where they are alone, We all receive some kind of support that helps us make higher steps to overcoming obstacles or reaching a level that otherwise may have been impossible. Twitter is a great place to do this.

Personally, Twitter allowed me to emotionally remove myself from reality at times. I was able to rant on Facebook (sometiimes maybe more than I should have) and also gave myself the opportunity to make friendships across the world. There’s individuals I’ve only met through Twitter whom I am still in daily contact with. We haven’t actually met, but the connection is still there. It’s crazy to me that we can be so united and connected for several years but still have had no physical “in person” contact whatsoever.


From befriending D list celebrities to begging for a reply from an A list celebrity, Twitter is a place for everyone. I’ve had conversation with Iggy Azalea in her mixtape days before she blew up. I’ve gotten replied from Khloe Kardashian, Giuliana Rancic, Christina Perri, Nicki Minaj, and several other “verified” accounts. It brings a sense of unifying comfortableness in which I felt at an equal level as many of these so called celebrities. Recently, I gagged at the fact that Cardi B, a reality show star and rapper, followed me. She only followes 124 people!

Evolution of Mainstream Social Media

By Relvyn Lopez

Social media really took off in the United States with the launch of Myspace in 2003. After this launch, word-of-mouth allowed for this company to completely explode in the digital world, becoming a creative and social platform for many kinds of users. This mostly appealed to elementary and high school students with access to a computer and internet.

The website offered users many features for them to take advantage of. One of the coolest features that was provided by Myspace was the ability to customize your own unique and completely individual profile. From the way background color and image, to the default picture that represented you, to the ability to upload music and feature your top favorite friends on your profile, Myspace was poppin’.

It was all fun and games until Facebook came by and swept all the Myspace users off their feet and into a new realm of social media. I was always curious about Facebook. Initially, I recall to the appeal being for professionals and mature adults, but I everyone still flocked to it despite the lack of personalization options and fun appeals. It was a very standard and plain social media site with now bright, standout color schemes. Still, I left the Myspace bandwagon upon hearing about Facebook, too. It seemed like the next “trendy” thing to do.

To this day, I still use Facebook. I think I began using it in 2008, but I have not gotten off of it nor decreased my activity on there. According to Statista, there are currently 1.79 billion active users on Facebook. That’s like 1 of every 6 human beings on this planet.



“When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place. So, what we view our role as, is giving people that power.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Now, Twitter has really taken a lot of social media platforms by the ear. They’ve open up so much opportunity to new innovative and unthought-of ideas. From syncing youtube videos and gifs to timelines and being a consistent platform for many, it’s made social media so much fun and has increase relationships between fame and fans, as well.

Blogging About Blogging…

blogging post.jpg

Ironically as I was deciding what to blog about last minute, I thought what better topic to write about than none other than blogging! Topics, reasons to blog, popular sites and even how to blog in less than 10 minutes, there are 6,820,000,000 results when looking up the word blogging. Other than making time for it, blogging has a pretty good reputation from a personal and to a business standpoint. Even from the results on the first page, many people vouched that it is not only a great way of expressing your opinion and creativity, but it can be extremely beneficial to blog for businesses. Driving traffic to websites, improving search engine visibility and promoting company news are only a few benefits when blogging for your business.

So when did all of this blogging business start? In 1997, weblog was first coined by Jorn Barger who initially referred to it as “logging the web.” Different platforms started to arise and eventually, there was a vast growth of blogging in the early 2000s. Ah yes, the 2000. By 2006, blogging was mainstream with an array of political blogs and meta blogs that had become the new thing. And among these new forums, WordPress was created in 2003! Not all things in the 2000 were bad, huh? I’m talking about you, denim Britney and Justin. Anyway, since then, blogging has continued to grow and has a promising future, in my opinion. From adding product lines, to continuing to go more mobile friendly, blogging will persevere through the tendency to move to 140 character tweets, quick reads and Snapchats. Although our attention spans are prone to scrolling swiftly through our news feeds, I think blogging will have a long future of persistently expressing opinions, lifestyle, businesses and products. While many think blogging could potentially die off, I think many people still value the long posts that convey depth and thought. I personally do and I know many others who do as well. I know personally that I’ll continue to love lying in bed checking my favorite blogs, as long as they keep coming.

The Importance of Face-to-Face Networking

By Holland Turner

As a college student in 2016, I am drilled on an almost daily basis about the importance of online professional networking. I have learned to perfect my online professional presence in order to make the best first impression possible for potential employers. These skills have served me in many capacities over the years, such as resume writing, interviewing skills, selecting the perfect profile picture. While these skills are invaluable in the context of a social media capacity, I would like to argue that interpersonal skills are exponentially more important in order to land your dream job. While I acknowledge the fact that I do not have that much professional experience under my belt, comparatively speaking, I have formed this opinion through my positions thus far and various University job fairs. The best advice I always like to pass on to classmates is: always go to the interview. I don’t care if you’re undecided about the job or don’t think you have any chance of getting it, you’re never going to know for sure until you meet the employer face-to-face. Interviews are vital in the process of gathering information the company you’ve applied to, and you can’t gain that kind of information from a LinkedIn profile. Interviews are also important to give the company your best and convince them that you are the best possible candidate for the job. This cannot be done from one swift glance at your resume. University job fairs are also extremely important for the purpose of meeting possible employers that you might not have made contact with otherwise. It is necessary to always look at the list of companies that will be attending the event and do your homework on the ones you are interested in. This will give you a polished and prepared first impression that is sure to impress and warrant a follow-up contact email.