Social media is making feel people feel isolated. Who would have known?

Countless articles over the years have been giving the same point: Social media is great for keeping up with family and friends but terrible to constantly skim through articles full of points that aren’t relevant to our lives or the betterment of our souls.

One point, that I feel is very fair, is we have never had to see this much news. This news is only here to recieve revenue for the ads that sneak their way around every article you click on. Not only do we not really read this news, (The Democrats and The Republicans both sound crazy) Worst of all, it is the repetition that each side holds. Whoever grabs the story first is no longer the leader in their pack, its all just free information. Reporters are getting no glory for their stories. The Pulitzer Prize is going to end up in the wrong hands just like we used to treat the Best Pictures.  Instead we are all sheep that being lead by a blind sheep in wolves clothing. 170301141317-donald-trump-0228-super-169

Yet, we still have new articles about how social media may be the causation of our generations’ new found isolation. Last year, none of my friends went outside unless they were starving to eat. The world I knew was already in fear of itself. The day Trump was elected, people came outside to chant against him. A week later they were back inside reading all the horrendous news about him and feeling isolated. Within the year, I’ll see a “new” article from “new” scientists giving a “new” thesis about how we isolated.But, at that point, hopefully I won’t have to read them anymore.

Digressing away form drivel, the first article says that social media still has so much more potential for greatness. There are so many life hacks on line to keep your life on track, but at the same time, reading them takes away from living your life. Our generation’s double edged sword.